– 5 hours of playtime
– 1 Person Staff
– Announcements of events
– Turntables/Controlar
– DJ Mixer
– Wireless microphone
– 2 powered speakers
– 1 subwoofer
– 1 LED dance light
– Online Music Database
– Liability Insurance
– Contact us for more information
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– Includes Standard Wedding Reception Package
– 2 Person Staff: DJ and MC
– Event Coordination
– Event timelines
– Free Ceremony/Cocktail Package
– Extra Hour
– 6 hours of playtime

The popularity of the Essentials package is highlighted through the extra staff. The extra staff will function as an interactive Master of Ceremonies and Event Coordinator. The Master of Ceremonies will create an event timeline with clients 2-3 weeks prior the wedding and is responsible for preparing, gathering, announce, and informing all participants and vendors prior to each event. For example, ceremony, grand entrance, and all other events organized on the timeline. The event coordinator should not be confused with a Day-of Coordinator.
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– 1 hour of playtime
– Powered speaker
– Wireless mic w/stand,
– Music
– 1 instrument hook up
– Second Microphone if needed
Can be added to another service, but FREE with Essentials Package.
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– Photo Booth
Day-of Coordinators
Wireless Up-lighting
Monogram lighting
Cake Lighting
Enhanced sound
Screen & Projector
Extra Hours contact us


Since 2008 Final Touch Entertainment has developed the skills and organization needed to provide successful wedding disk jockey services. Although playing the right music during weddings is important, connecting with our clients and implementing a well organized vision is crucial. As a result, Final Touch has created different packages and additions in order to better service client needs.

On this page you will find the Standard Wedding, Essentials, and Ceremony packages. All three packages were created based on past experiences in order to fit most wedding needs. However, each wedding is different and may need to incorporate other Final Touch services. For example, Increased audio, lighting, extra hours and so on. Please make sure to check out the Addition section on this page and fill out the contact form.

Below are some pictures of past weddings. For updates please check instagram