Final Touch Entertainment is a professional events service located in Southern California. Since the beginning, Final Touch has provided DJ services for weddings, house parties, corporate events, school dances, and so much more.

Starting in 2008, Final Touch Entertainment began providing DJ services in Southern California. The Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and Orange counties along with the surrounding areas are among many of the locations they service. However, due to popularity, Final Touch has begun servicing events outside of Southern California both domestically and internationally. Although Final Touch started in 2008, many of the founding members began servicing events in 2000. Alex Ortiz, Christian Ortiz, and Joe Bartucca learned how to properly run events through a close friend and mentor Keith Budovec who owns another local entertainment service. As time went by Alex, Christian, and Joe decided to branch out and start a business of their own. Although Alex is currently the sole owner and sales manager at Final Touch, the other founding members are involved behind the scenes providing feedback and advice on how to better service clients.


Final Touch Entertainment started off as a team of three working together in providing DJ service with equal responsibility. However, over the years, roles have changed and Alex Ortiz is currently the booking manager handling contracts, scheduling, and team training in order to keep the Final Touch service consistent and reliable. The team is made up of professional individuals who have years of experience under their belt.

Although we have several members on our team, each individual must be approved by the team as a whole before working with Final Touch clients. Final Touch Entertainment works with many different people who have different taste in music and style. So each member is expected to have the knowledge in order to facilitate any event with mixed groups whose genres and themes can range from kids music, country, hip-hop, latin, and so on. The team at Final Touch uses collective knowledge in order to grow both as individuals and as a team.

Please make sure to contact us and speak with Alex in order to provide the correct service.

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Alex Ortiz

Owner/Sales & Events Manager/DJ/MC
Starting in 2005, Alex began to DJ and MC in Southern California. Later in 2008 Alex started Final Touch Entertainment and began servicing events full-time. Alex has earned his B.A. in History from the University of La Verne in Southern California and plans to continue his education in order to work, educate, and motivate others in their life goals. Although Alex enjoys interacting with others through education and mentorship programs, his entrepreneurial spirit has lead him to grow Final Touch and in search for other business ventures.  When he is not working, Alex enjoys the outdoors, baseball games, playing basketball, exotic foods, playing in church and cover bands, and most importantly gathering with family and friends. If Alex were to define himself through a mantra it would state, “Alex, The Friend Collector.”



Leo began his DJ career in 2009 and by 2012 he became a team member with Final Touch Entertainment. Since his involvement with the team, Leo has become Alex’s right hand man and has helped grow the team through technical knowledge, DJ/MC Skills, and most importantly his personal integrity. Alex is extremely thankful for a friend and coworker. When Leo is not working he enjoys baseball, training for endurance sports, spending time with his family, especially his nephew, and participating in concerts and music festivals. Leo is also a musician and can play the guitar. If there were a simple saying to describe Leo it would state, “I Just wanna dance to the music.”



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MC/Events Coordinator 
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